Roasted Chickpeas and Tzatziki in 10 min! Two healthy and easy recipes to upgrade your summer.

Hello my beautiful foodies!!!

I am back in the blog. This time because I wanted to bring here and to you guys, my last favourite! The discovery of this summer! Two healthy, quick and easy recipes that are perfect for this surprisingly hot summer we are getting this year, at least here in Edinburgh.

This ultimate new favourites are the so well-known now roasted chickpeas with paprika and the traditional greek/turkish Tzatziki sauce. The best part about these two preparations is that you can actually combine them together and also with many many other dishes. So now, do you wanna find out how to cook them??

Roasted chickpeas with paprika


  • A can of cooked chickpeas (you can cook them yourself as well if you feel courageous)
  • Paprika powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Any other spices of your taste (feel free to experiment)
  • Olive oil (extra virgin if you are a lover like myself)
  • A pinch of salt(only of your chickpeas are unsalted)

First of all, you wanna empty your can of chickpeas in a strainer and wash them for a minute or two until you get rid of all the nasty liquid that was there to conserve your chickpeas. This liquid has usually loads of salt that you just don’t want in your food.


Once this first step is completed, you can go ahead and spread all your chickpeas in a baking pan. Ideally none of them would be on top of each other so that they all get cooked evenly so do your best to achieve this. Then, you can add a generous amount of olivo oil and sprinkle the paprika and garlic powder all over your chickpeas. Have a taste of one of the chickpeas to see if they are salty and if this is not the case add a bit of salt and mix them all until the spices are well distributed. Remember you can add any other spices that you’d like. Always be daring and try!


Once the oven has been heated up for around 10 min at 200ºC, you can put your baking pan in there and leave your chickpeas inside until they are done! And yes! I am not gonna give you an specific time because it will all depend on how crunchy you want them to be. 10 minutes will be enough if you want them to be soft, 20 if you’d like them to be a bit crunchy and 30 if you want them reeeeally crunchy, almost like nuts.

And voila! Your gorgeous and roasted chickpeas are ready! I decided to leave  half of them quite soft since that is how I like them in my salad but then I kept some of them longer in the over because I like that crunchy moment with my veggies! Don’t you?


So which one is your favourite: roasted veggies or fresh salad?

Roasted chickpeas salad

I can tell you both of them were absolutely delicious! But…this salad is missing something, don’t you think? There is one color that it’s just not there! Can you tell me which one is it?? Here you have one hint!


Exactly!! You got it! It is white. It is a fresh and sour sauce that this salad needs to be upgraded to the “Best salad you’ve ever had” haha. And that sauce you are looking for is Tzatziki. So let’s get on with it!


Light Tzatziki sauce


  • Fat-free yogurt (for the light version of tzatziki)
  • A clove of garlic
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • Olive oil (again, extra virgin is always the best option)
  • A pinch of salt

If you thought the recipe for the chickpeas was easy, this one is gone be even more. You only need to chop a bit of cucumber and garlic in really small pieces and add them to your yogurt (I took some pictures so that you see how small I mean).


Then you just need to top this up with the juice of half a lemon, a bit of that amazing olive oil and salt and that is it!! Here it is your own light tzatziki sauce! 

Light tzatziki sauce

Aren’t you proud of yourself? And the good news are that thanks to the lemon this sauce is gonna last quite for long in your fridge so that you can upgrade as many dishes as you want for a week or so! If you don’t finish it up at once of course! Because it is soooo delicious that you want have enough.




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