A fancy dinner at Pomerania, the new and trendy restaurant in Madrid.

Good morning to everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are ready to read about some delicious food. If you are hungry, maybe eat a small snack first because otherwise this is gonna be hard haha.

Today I want to talk you guys about my current favourite in Madrid, my #1 dinner place at the moment, especially when I feel like going for a dinner a bit fancier than usual. I am talking about Pomerania, the new and trendy restaurant run by the RanTanPlan group. I have been a big fan of this group of restaurants for a while. If you been following my posts, you’d know about Teckel and Pointer, which are also in a very good position in my Padi-ranking of Madrid restaurants.


The place is absolutely stunning and spacious so if you need a place to organise a big meal with family and friends, this could be the place. Besides, it is located in the heart of Madrid, in a great location at Calle María de Molina, 4. Gregorio Marañón metro(tube or underground) stop would be the closest if you use public transport.

Not only is the place beautiful but also it will allow you to take some cute and cool pictures which is something I always enjoy, especially while I am waiting for food. Although I have to say this was not the case in Pomerania because the service was amazingly fast.

After this “short” introduction, I believe is time to start with what it really matter to us here. FOOD! Let’s do this!

A soft version of the famous “Patatas Bravas”

This was the “on-the-house” dish, I assume of the week, because RanTanPlan restaurants usually change them through time to offer their costumers a different dish every time they visit. To describe this dish properly, the waiter told us that it is a soft version of the Spanish Patatas Bravas, which are usually spicy. In other words, less spicy than the traditional dish and I believe with boiled potatoes instead of fried, always a plus.

On-the-house starter at Pomerania in Madrid

Definitely not the best dish of the night, not because it was bad but because the rest was…just unbeatable.


A creative salad full of colour and flavour

Ensalada de burrata inyectada con pesto rojo napolitano y cogollo a la brasa. Burrata cheese injected with Neapolitan red pesto and grilled cogollo.

(I leave you here the name that you will find in the menu, just in case you want to order it, together with an approximate translation)

I’ll start by saying that the waiter congratulated us for choosing this salad because, according to him, it is “the best salad they have”. After this, I was even more convinced it was the right call and..OMG it was!!

Burrata cheese injected with Neapolitan red pesto and grilled cogollo in Pomerania, Madrid

I am absolutely and deeply in love with red pesto since I discovered it last year and reading those to words together was my trigger for this choice. Who would have guessed that the griller cogollo was gonna be that amazing and tasty. Seriously, it may look simple but this plate is full of surprises that you cannot miss.


Another type of “Spanish Omelette”

Tortilla estilo “Betanzos”. Betanzos style omelette.

If you come to Spain looking for the typical Spanish Omelette, let me tell you now that this is not the one. Nevertheless, you should also try this one, you know to compare haha.

“Betanzos” style omelette in Pomerania, Madrid

It is a completely different style of Spanish omelette more similar to a French omelette filled with the most amazing and big egg yolk where omelette chunks are floating all over the place. That is the only one I have to describe this wonder, but to completely understand you have to try it. Easy right?


The most wanted rice dish in Madrid

Arroz meloso de carabineros. 

This succulent rice dish that you have in front of you is something you may come looking for if you visit Spain. However, it is not only you who would happen to be in that situation because many people come to Madrid from different cities in Spain to taste this wonderfully looking dish. What do you say now?

Arroz meloso de carabineros at Pomerania Madrid

I have to say that after finishing this dish I did understand all the reasons why this rice is so well rated and desired. It was perfectly cooked and full of flavour coming from the huge carabinero, the king of the plate. This animal is the favourite meal of this guy you see down here and that told me about this restaurant.


His only desire was to have this rice again and to eat the head of the king. haha. Yes! Look how much he is enjoying it haha. I personally do not like sea food that much so I didn’t fight for this apparent jewel, something I am sure he was very happy about haha.


This is how you rock a proper cheesecake

Tarta de queso Pomerania. Pomerania cheesecake.

I may not like sea food that much but I do like cheesecakes! Omg! They are my favourite. But this is just not another cheesecake of many that I had before. This is the one. When you know you know right? And this cheesecake stole my heart for good.


Our kind waiter explained how they freshly bake it everyday from scratch and how special this cheesecake is because it is made with three different types of cheese: goat, Philadelphia and Idiazabal, a very traditional Spanish cheese.

For me, this was definitely the star of the night. The softness of its inner parts and the crunchiness of the surface together with the most appropriate and soft cheese flavour made of this cake the #1 cheesecake of all time, and that is a strong statement to make.

To close this post I would like to invite you again to try this place, maybe for a special occasion because, let’s be honest, it is not the cheapest place in Madrid (35 euros/person). However, I think it is a fair price for the quality of products and preparations you will get, not to mention the amazing service and atmosphere you will get to experience.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and see you guys very soon!:)


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