Adding up to the best breakfast places in Madrid (2018)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog.

It’s been so long since I did my last post about breakfast places. In fact, it was actually still when I was living in Edinburgh that I did my last one: Best Breakfast/Brunch places in Edinburgh.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that I having been out for breakfast since I arrived to Madrid. Of course I have! And I have discovered some amazing places that I would like you guys to know about just in case you feel like having a nice breakfast experience. So why don’t we get started with the first one?

New Mistura, Ice-cream & Coffee & more, in La Latina

That’s right my beloved foodies, you have read correctly. A new Mistura place is now open in Madrid. If you have followed me for a while now you probably remember this place from some of my other posts: Cesar couscous and the best ice cream in Madrid.

I talked about this amazing ice-cream business in Madrid to mention their fabulous handcrafted ice-cream but since we are now closer to winter than summer, I think we better talk about these great and warm breakfasts they serve in their new place in La Latina.

Breakfast for two at Mistura (La Latina), Madrid.

As I almost always do, I had the traditional Spanish breakfast (toast with olive oil and mashed tomate). In this case I chose whole-wheat bread, which was incredibly tasteful and delicious, and I accompany it with a fresh and natural orange juice full of vitamin C and a pretty-looking cappuccino.

Being completely honest, the juice and the bread were probably one of the best I have ever had in the city, however the coffee was a bit watery for my taste. Nevertheless, as a whole it was a pretty good breakfast combo.


Cereal Monkey’s Café

I just said I almost always have the traditional breakfast with toasts when I go out. However, sometimes like in this case, I make an exception and have something different such as cereals.

As you probably know if you live in Madrid, in the past years a lot of cereal cafes have been opened in Madrid and I was quite curious about this new concept. Cereal Monkey’s Café, located at Islas Filipinas, is one of this modern places and going there was quite an experience.

Cereals for two at Cereal Monkey’s Café in Madrid.

I will explain the concept of these kind of places very briefly. You get to choose the size of your bowl (small, medium or large), your cereals (two if you choose large size) ,a topping and the colour of your milk. Marta and I chose slightly differently although we stayed classic with white milk; she went for a cinnamon-flavour cereal with mini-cookies (light blue bowl) and I went for oreo cereals with the same topping.

The cereals, in my case at least, were really tasty and sweet. I think I chose quite wisely to be honest. But keeping up with my honesty, the coffee place itself was too quite and the waiters were very slow. So, even though I did enjoy the experience, I think I’ll stay with my traditional breakfasts for now.


La Bicicleta Café

Unlike the previous place, La Bicicleta is a very popular coffee place in Madrid which is very conveniently located in the heart of the city, and it is very well-known among the coffee fans in Madrid. Despite being one of them myself, however, I hadn’t been here before so I think it was about time.

As always, we had our favourite: sour-dought bread with olive oil and tomato smash. 

Breakfast for two at La Bicicleta, Madrid

The final outcome was an average breakfast with a non-average price; in my opinion, it was a bit pricy for what you get and the tables and seats you get, which were in my opinion a bit uncomfortable. All in all, a delicious breakfast in the center of Madrid, something that is not that easy to find, specially not at a fair price.


Hanso Café

And last but not least, as good friend like to say ;), I want to introduce you guys to probably my current top #1 breakfast in Madrid: Hanso Cafe.

This small place offers an incredible specialty coffee that will impress a good coffee lover almost for sure. But not only that, it also serves an amazing traditionally Spanish breakfast of an equal quality. Such a great discovery this cafe was!

Bread toast with mashed tomato and great coffee at Hanso Café, Madrid.

For me, finding a place, also in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy both a delicious coffee and even better toasts is of such a great value. So great that I will make sure I go back there soon and I will try to take with me as many people as I can. Everyone should try this! Although it is quite an small place, there is not room for everyone I am afraid.

I really hope you found this post useful and I will see you guys very soon in my next post 😉



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