DEcadente. Unique food and a modern atmosphere in the center of Madrid.

Good morning everyone and welcome back to the blog once again.

Today I wanted to get you to know a new and modern spot that I recently discovered in the heart of Madrid: DEcadente. This place offers a brand new concept of restaurant where the limitations of this type of businesses are definitely ignored. There are no boundaries anymore after DEcadente, anything is possible.

DEcadente is divided in three different áreas: the gastronomic area or restaurant (we will focus mostly on this one), the bar or cocktail area (which I would like to focus on next Saturday night for instance) and the Zoom Room, which I would describe as a mini underground club, but I’d say it is better if you check it out yourselves.

Now that you now about this mixture of ambiences that takes places inside DEcadente I am sure you can agree with me that some boundaries have been broken here.

The kicking-off shot

A very easy way of being special is doing things the other way around you would usually do them. For instance, this shot is served at the beginning of the meal, instead of at the end (as it is tradicional in Spain). This is the style followed by DEcadente.

Entrante de la casa at DEcadente (Madrid)

Of course, when you finally find out that we are talking about a shot of cheese soup with a parmesan cracker, things begin to look a bit more logical. I bet I got you a bit scared over there haha. The truth is it was absolutely delicious. So much that I would suggest they serving a whole bowl of it, not only a shot. I hope is not a lot to ask for.

They went red!

Croquetas de carabinero

I am quite aware that this is probably not the most sophisticated dish in DEcadente’s menu, but I was craving croquettes that day so I had to try them.

Croquetas de carabinero at DEcadente (Madrid)

I have to say these croquettes met my expectations to the last bit. Their super intense sea flavour and their strikingly red colour made of them a very special and memorable set of croquettes. I definitely want to encourage you to give them a try because they will not disappoint you. Not possible!

Deep-fried but still quite light

Gambones crujientes con un toque picante

Given who was my partner for this dinner, it was obvious that sea food was gonna be the main character of this movie. That is why this deep-fried prawns made their starring appearance in our table and were awarded with many different compliments.

Gambones crujientes con un toque picante at DEcadente (Madrid)

You know I am not the biggest fan of hot food but the spiciness of this dish was so shuttle that it absolutely stole my heart (and stomach). No doubts, one of my faves of the night.

Only for brave and hungry stomachs

Fideuà rossetjada con chipirones y gambas

Continuing with the Sea and some other of its hidden gem, I would like to introduce you to this Fideuà. This is a dish that is typical of Cataluña’s cuisine and it is perfect for those who own a quite spacious stomach because it is quite filling.

Fideuà rossetjada con chipirones y gambas at DEcadente (Madrid)

Crunchy and golden on top, as it should be, and generous on sea food, also as it should be, it was perfectly cooked and tasty. All in all, another master piece gathered in DEcadent’s menu.

Animal instinct

Steak tartar de solomillo

This dish, and steak tartare in general, has become one my favourite dishes of all time lately. There is something unique about this dish that makes it very special and irresistible. I believe it must have to do with the fulfilment of our most pure animal instincts but this is just another of my countless theories about everything.

Steak tartar de solomillo en DEcadente (Madrid)

Anyway, this succulent steak tartare that you can see in the pic was an absolute wonder. A perfectly tender meat mixed with capers and onion that add a very nice touch of sourness to this dish. And of course, finished up with a bit of olive oil!

A quite unique tartar

Atún en tartar con dados crujientes de arroz y nuestra salsa picante

With a very atypical presentation, oppositely to that of the previous tartare, this dish is quite special thanks to the rice crackers it comes with and also due to the amazing spicy sauce it is served with. All together, they create a very modern idea of a tuna tartare.

Atún en tartar con dados crujientes de arroz y nuestra salsa picante en DEcadente (Madrid)

Tarta de queso desmontada

The first thing I’d like to say about this cake is that you cannot not have it. This is something that happens quite often when it comes to cheese cakes and in this case it applies very well.


I have to admit that I’d have enjoyed this cake better if it had been a bit more juicy (a dancing cake as I like to call it) but this flaw was concealed quite smartly with the cookie crumbs under this cake. I absolutely adored this idea. I thought it was quite unique as well as the fact that jam came on one side, something that cheese cake lovers appreciate.

Cocktails y más postres

Lastly, I wanted just to mention that at DEcadente you will also find a great-quality cocktail menu. Decadente is quite well-known for its cocktails so I’ll make sure I go back to this wonderful place to have one of them, such as the Piña colada that Alvaro had and that you can see on the pic bellow.

To finish up this post, I think it is maybe necessary to explain that DEcandente, as you might have gathered from the quality of its menu, is not a cheap restaurant. We spent around 30 € per person. However, I’d say it is reasonable, and affordable for a special occasion or as it was our case, just because haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post and see you around here very soon for more delicious food and restaurants 😉


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