Cañadío restaurant, the best-quality culinary experience in Madrid

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog! I know you’ve missed me around here but worry no more because I am here to talk you about some of my latest  discoveries regarding the foodie world in Madrid.

I recently payed a visit to two of my favourite restaurants at the moment: Cañadío and La Primera, which belong to the same group of restaurants and are quite-well regarded among the foodie community. I’ll dedicate this post to Cañadío and leave La Primera for my coming post, which will be up very soon.

Cañadío Madrid, 8/10 foodies recommend this restaurant

This heading might remind you of a tooth paste advertisement but it is definitely true! I am still yet to meet someone who has been to Cañadío and does not recommend this place after that. Honestly, it is the #1 in my podium of restaurants, it stole my heart pretty quickly, just after my first bite. Well, mine and Alvaro’s as well.


I can recommend this restaurant for many many reasons, starting for the excellent service that you will be offered by the staff at Cañadío. We were treated very kindly, our waiters gave us the most accurate food-recommendations according to our preferences and they attention toward us throughout the whole meal was outstanding.

Something that I also really liked about Cañadío was the ambience in the room we were seated. I felt I was in a very quiet  and relaxed atmosphere, very elegant and decorated with the finest taste: “less is more” I’d say would define their style quite accurately.

Cañadío restaurante in Madrid

But if I had to say what is the highlight of this restaurant I would definitely choose the impressive quality of its dishes and, on top of that, of its products. I am quite sure they take good care in selecting the best products, paying special to those who are in season. Let me introduce you now to these amazing dishes I am talking about:

Hake, definitely the star of the menu

1/2 grilled hake nape  with its frying juice and sliced potatoes / 1/2 Cogote de Merluza Plancha con su Refrito y Patatas Panadera 

Our waiter recommended us this dish as the star of their fish selection in their menu and of course we followed his advice because he seemed very trustworthy in this matter haha. And OMG he was! Look at this wonder of the sea!

1/2 grilled hake nape  with its frying juice and sliced potatoes at Cañadío Madrid

It is clear to me that the secret of this dish is the amazing yellowy sauce that you can see all ever it. It was definitely making a call for us to deep all our bread in it but not only that but it gave the fish itself the best juiciness ever! It was so soft and tasty that I would say it tasted like heaven!

And as it this was not enough perfection, this hake dish came with a bit of fresh salad on the side. So satisfying to eat all together. Honestly! You’ve got to try it!

THE steak tartar (better than in Paris)

Steak Tartar to commemorate Alberto Chicote / Steak Tartar Homenaje a Alberto Chicote

I don’t know about you but this is the most beautiful steak tartar I have ever seen in my life, not to mention the details that are hidden inside it such as the pieces of fruit, ice-cream and avocado.

Steak Tartar to commemorate Alberto Chicote at Cañadío Madrid

I absolutely enjoyed the fruity taste that this steak tartar offered to my mouth. So so special and different. And as an additional detail, it came with a portion of fries and another one of crackers, although the meat was so good that I didn’t really need them. So far, my favourite Steak tartar. We’ll see if any other can overturn this one in the future.

High expectations

Cañadío’s Cheese cake / Tarta de queso Cañadío

I have to admit that the main reason I wanted to visit Cañadío was this cheese cake. It was awarded with the second place in the 1st Nation Cheese Contest in Spain this year 2019. Given that this year I am on the hunt for the best cheese cake in Madrid, it seemed obvious that this was one needed to be tasted.

Cheese cake at Cañadío Madrid

This cake met, for sure, all my expectations. It has everything there is to ask to a cheese cake: juiciness and soft sweetness with the perfect browny crust and a crunchy cookie base. No jam was needed because the quality of the cake itself was just unbeatable. Definitely in my top #3 cheese-cake ranking and I am sure it’ll be there for a long time.

And I believe that’s it for today. I just wanted to thank Cañadío for their amazing work and you guys for being there every now and then to read my maybe-irrelevant hopefully-useful reviews as an experienced foodie, or so I considered myself haha.

See you very soon 😉


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