Pai Pái restaurant: fusion and professional cuisine at a fair price

Hello everyone!!! And happy 2020!!

This new year, similarly to others, will come up, for sure, full of surprises and new beginnings, and my return to the blogs is gonna be one of them. That I know! Hopefully, you missed me as much as I missed having you around here and you’ll enjoy my coming posts even more than the past ones.

To start off strongly, I am presenting you with a very tasteful and memorable post.  Memorable because I am pretty sure you won’t forget their food once you go to Pai Pái restaurant , just like I did.

Pai Pái restaurant in Madrid

This restaurant with an elegant and modern look is located in Plaza de Perú nº4 (underground stops Colombia/Pio XII, lines 8 /9). Even though we are not talking about a big place, it is quite well organised and they are capable of offer dinner to many people at once so make sure to book a table before visiting. That is my advice.

With that being said, now let’s move on to the actual menu and more specifically, to the plates we had in our first visit to Pai Pái in Madrid. About their menu, I would like to mention that it offers a wide variety of dishes, all of them very international and unlike anything you’ve seen before. I always appreciate the effort chefs do of offering something different and unseen to their clients so extra points for that!

Let’s see what it was that got to our foodie hearts and stomachs:

What about a crunchy sushi?

Maki Paipai (Langostino crujiente, aguacate, mayonesa japonesa, salsa tampiko, tonkatssu, Kornflakes) – (Crunchy shrimp, avocado, Japanese mayo, tampiko sauce, tonkatssu, Kornflakes)  

I will not wait till the end to confess that this was by far, my favorite dish of all. I absolutely loved the idea of a crunchy sushi full of tasty sauce. Such a cool experience!

Maki Paipái at Pai Pái restaurant (Madrid)

It is thanks to the Kornflakes that this maki is so so crunchy on the outside. Such a great idea! Then, a strong shrimp flavour mixed together with the tasty sauces is the perfect combination in your mouth. So many flavours in just one bite.

How to eat a Maki Pai Pái

As you can see in the pic above, you are supposed to eat this maki in one bite, right after dipping it in the soy sauce you will be served with it. I believe the soy enhances the already-strong taste of this dish and the result is just amazing!

The three sisters

  1. Bao negro de pulpo gallego con salsa agridulce koreana, mayo de chile rocoto y jengibre – Black bao bun filled with Galician octopus with sweet and sour sauce, chile rocoto mayo and jinger.
  2. Bao de cochinita pibil con mayonesa de chile chipotle – Cochinita pibil bao bun with chile chipotle mayo.
  3. Bao de langostinos al curry massaman – Shrimps with curry massaman bao.

You know when you have to choose in a menu from which you love absolutely everything and it is like super duper hard? Well, I don’t. Because what we did was ordering all of it. We weren’t capable of choosing just one bun so we ordered the three of them! 

Bao buns combo at Pai pái restaurant (Madrid)

I gotta say that after tasting and trying all of them, I still find myself in the same dilemma. I would’t wanna choose just one. However, I’d say I may have enjoyed number 3 a bit more. What I did enjoy equally was the softness of the buns themselves because OMG they were the softest thing ever. I’ve had many baos before but, believe me, nothing like this buns.

The chef’s recommendation in this case would be to eat these buns just the way you can. Do your best to avoid spilling the sauce all over you (like I did). Bear that in mind!

Duck à l’orange

Canelón de pato confitado con salsa Terijaki de naranja – Duck canelloni confit with orange Terijaki sauce.

Such an international dish, don’t you think? A canelloni (Italy) filled with duck confit à l’orange (France) with Terijaki sauce (Japan) served in a Madrid restaurant (Spain) located in a neighborhood known as Colombia. Funny as it may sound, it is an exquisite combination, a sweet treat to your palate.

Duck canelloni at Pai Pái restaurant (Madrid)

Among the three dishes, this might me my least favorite. However, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t crazy delicious. The only problem, in my opinion, was that the Terijaki sauce together with the orange saute gave this dish a sweetness that is too much for my taste. But still, I love duck and it was perfectly cooked; just as soft as I like it.

Do not take desserts for granted!

Something similar to the baos ordeal happened with dessert. When we had to choose just one it became a very hard task and we had to narrow it down to two of them in this case:

The definite brownie

Brownie de chocolate negro con avellas, nueces, trufa negra y helado de avellana y Ferrero – dark chocolate brownie with hazelnuts, walnuts, black truffle and hazelnut and Ferrero ice-cream.

Let me introduce you to the definite brownie, the most beautiful sweet crunchy chocolatery warm satisfactory dessert I have ever had in my plate. OMG! If you are into brownies you are gonna love it. I’ll give you the reasons why:

Dark chocolate brownie at Pai Pái (Madrid)

First of all, it is dark chocolate brownie! I am a huge fun of dark chocolate so this was a pleasant surprise for starters. Then, this brownie came, not only with walnuts, which is the usual, but also with hazelnuts, which are one of my favorite nuts. Hence, my happiness when I read it was hazelnut ice-cream what it had on top. But, you cannot imagine my face when I tasted the Ferrero flavour as well. OMG!! Was that a magical moment!

The most divine “torrija”

Torrija de brioche con helado de leche merengada – Brioche bread torrija with meringue milk  ice-cream.

I gotta say that this dessert was Alvaro’s choice rather than mine. He said meringue milk ice-cream is too good not to taste it.

Brioche torrija at Pai Pái (Madrid)

The top layer of this torrija is caramelized sugar, which adds a crunchy, sweet and different touch to it. If that is not attention to detail what is? In addition, using brioche bread is, in my opinion, a genius idea since it soaks up much more milk than a regular torrija and the result is a much juicier one. So so good! Besides that, according to Álvaro, the meringue milk ice-cream was just the icing of the cake. He absolutely loved it!

Here you can see how true this statement is.

How to pose for a culinary dessert tasting

The price of the whole meal, beverages included, was 55 euros, which I think it is a quite fair price considering how good was the quality of all these preparations and how delicious were all of them.

Service wise, I’d say it was correct and professional, although I did miss having a small introduction to the dishes. I really enjoy a small explanation of this type of dishes, since they are always the result of a very hard work and I like to hear about it. Nevertheless, we were quite happy with our waiter and he was very kind and polite.

All in all, both Álvaro and me, finish this meal with such a pleasant aftertaste, and not only in our mouths but also due to the whole experience. We will be definitely going back to Pai Pái very soon.



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