El Atabal (Burgos)

Hello everyone!! How did the weekend go?

I had a quiet one for once. I think I needed that after the previous weeks. Nevertheless, quiet weekend doesn’t mean I didn’t have time for a treat. In fact, on Friday night I dine out with my parents at this little place called El Atabal in Burgos. (click for google maps location)

Not many people know this place in my city I believe, but they have some very good dishes so I thought it was an interesting idea to share it with you guys.

I have dinner there frequently with my family so we didn’t need to think much to  decide what we wanted to order. Actually, it was pretty straightforward haha the waiter was so happy with us! Quick and easy! Padilla style! Yes!

Any way, for starters we ordered this fresh and colorful salad known as “Ensalada Afrodisiaca”. Mmmmm yummiii!!

Ensalada Afrodisica at El Atabal (Burgos)

It’s basically a tomato and tuna salad but as you can see the quality of the products is outstanding. And you know what they say: “The more colorful your meal is, the healthier”. This saying applies perfectly to this salad so I’ll have to give it 8/10. The only recommendation I would give is switching the pickled tune for tuna in olive oil because that would improve the taste of the salad even more.

After this cool and fresh dish, a warmer one was the perfect choice in this cold Friday afternoon so we went for this unique scrambled eggs. Look!

Revuelto de cecina cocida at El Atabal (Burgos)

As you can hopefully appreciate in the photograph, they don’t look exactly like regular scrambled eggs. They’re half way between an omelette and scrambled eggs and that’s exactly what makes them different and unique. Well, that and the “cecina”(dried beef) which is perfectly cooked, something that is kind of complicated if you’ve ever tried.

All in all, I have to give them 9/10 because, seriously, they are amazing and El Atabal is the only place I know where you can find them so that means extra points.

And I think that’s all for todays’ post. It’s a bit shorter than usual but I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway and thank you very much for reading !!

Have a nice Sunday!